Core Updates: We’ve rewarding everyone in our community with discount codes this month for our educator plan and our newly launched API plan Our team is…
What happens when GPT4 comes out? We shed some light with llama.

February 2023

Educational Models and GPTZero LMS Integration
Thanks for following us on GPTZero’s development! This week, we’re trying out something different — a case study from our team, on an AI model and an…

January 2023

GPTZeroXWatch now (38 sec) | our new product, built for you
new year, new features, new modelWatch now (42 sec) | Core Updates: two exciting new features and a new model, GPTZeroX, are rolling out next week. See tech updates for the deets …
exciting things are in the works @
General Updates: Thank you sincerely for signing up for the GPTzero beta. I’m completely awestruck by the support this app has generated. In the past…
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