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My first reaction is to quote Han Solo to Luke: "Don't get cocky, kid." 😎

But then, I'd been in the ed tech biz for nearly 20 years when Turnitin and Blackboard were startups. Heck, I may still have an Authorware demo disk somewhere. I *know* I have a couple of 12" interactive laserdiscs in the basement.

You're on to something, though. We shall watch your career with great interest. 😂🤣

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One major underlying problem is that ChatGPT works so well precisely because in the past, students were often giving answers that worked with the same principle: use a string of words that somehow seem to make sense given the context of the class.

If we really want to beat the use of AI, professors need to come up with questions and exams where the answers can NOT be easily guessed by writing out a string of words that kinda make sense. Because AI will always be better than any human at that kind of exercise.

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