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So great to see this Edward and that your team is ahead of the curve. I know you are focused on writing and education, which is so primary and much needed. I am also part of the Dalle.Ai beta group and with this next version 2 of Dalle.AI. beta, it feels more like a ChatGPT, as there are less prompts and more visual descriptions of what is being put in. May be too late to be able to define HDA (human designed art) and that is not your focus, I understand. I see the two merging very quickly. Grateful you and your team are on the other side of the table, ensuring it is balanced. Appreciate this.

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Edward et al:

I hope you can address this problem ASAP, since I have another group of student essays coming in soon. I subscribed to the GPTZero Educator upgrade on March 7 with a payment of $9.99 from my Apple Card. When I log in to GPTZero, however, I keep getting the message that I am still on the Free plan and should upgrade. I thought it might take some time for the account to update, but it’s going on three weeks now, and I’m still classified as a Free user. I realize that you are handling a lot of issues and inquiries at this time, but could you please solve this problem for a college professor who is trying to ensure academic integrity in his courses. Thanks. I appreciate all you have done to advance academic honesty, and I look forward to using your app in my courses in the future.

P.S. I submitted this request as a comment because I could not find a “Contact us” link on the app. There appears to be a need for this.

Thanks and regards,

Eugene Gorsky

English Senior Lecturer

Montgomery County (PA) Community College

Egorsky@mc3.edu (My account is registered with this email address.)

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