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GPTZero vs Turnitin 🤺

Why Goliath can't beat us ☄️

Core Updates:

  • We just launched GPTZero Scaffold AI Detection, our partnership with K16 Solutions creating the first institution level AI analytics dashboard across LMS platforms to supports universities in crafting AI policy. If you’re an institution interested in scheduling a demo let us know here.

  • The 7 minute climax on the Future of Integrity between GPTZero and the CEO of Turnitin is featured above. Aside from GPTZero performing better on mitigating false positives, the exchange highlights core differences between our companies.

  • GPTZero is now fully integrated with Microsoft Word 🚀

GPTZero Scaffold

‘Don’t drive your car blind’ was one of the first things Thomas Waite, CEO K16 Solutions, said to me when we started our partnership. “We need to be equipping educators with the data to take an informed longitudinal approach to crafting AI policy.”

In many cases, crafting AI policy without the big picture understanding of how it’s being used in the classroom is like ‘driving blind’ in this AI snowstorm.

Edward and Thomas outside Princeton University

Together, we built an AI dashboard that scans and analyzes the entirety of a learning management system. While competitor offerings are only able to scan final submissions, our offering analyzes the variety of quizzes, comments, reviews, for AI-trends across an entire institution.

“Scaffold AI Detection identifies AI-generated student-submitted content through an LTI integration with your LMS. Leveraging GPTZero, the market-leading AI detection software, it scans thousands of student submissions at once. The result is a complete picture of how much student-submitted content is potentially AI-generated–whether it’s across the entire institution or an academic department.” – K16 Solutions

We’re excited to partner with Thomas and the K16 team for years to come, leveraging their decades of experience in ed-tech to support teachers and students in the best possible way.

If you’re an institution, education leader, or policy maker interested in learning more about crafting AI policy with GPTZero Scaffold, let us know!

Schedule a Demo

GPTZero != Turnitin :)

Last week, my co-founder Alex, who just dropped out of his PHD, and I flew to an ed-tech conference in San Diego, where I spoke on the same panel as the CEO of Turnitin. Other cool conference speakers included Bill Gates and Sam Altman!

Edward and Alex wearing cool new GPTZero shirts

The panel recording (first three minutes are GPTZero, latter three minutes Turnitin) is shared at the top, but here are our two key takeaways.

  • GPTZero is not and will never be a plagiarism company. AI usage is completely different from plagiarism detection. Unlike plagiarism, students will be increasingly encouraged to use AI models (heck I even used co-pilot when coding GPTZero). We’re leading the shift from ‘catching AI’ towards understanding and supporting students navigating these technologies. The plagiarism model is not going to work here.

  • Alex and I have been thinking about this problem for a really long time. We launched January 1st. Turnitin launched their detector April. In this gap, we’ve expand R&D development far beyond text classification, to mitigating paraphrasing attacks and detecting sources of generation. Recently, we’ve recruited top ML researchers from world renowned NLP programs and companies, and are assembling the best researchers in the world working on AI detection.

Word Integration

In March, the Microsoft Word team reached out to us with a proposal.

They had tested dozens of AI detection apps and settled on GPTZero as the most reliable! and proposed an expedited process in getting GPTZero accessible to millions of users via Word.

With a lightning fast turnaround, we’re now integrated with Microsoft Word. Try it yourself. Kudos to Alex for taking the leadership on this one!

The plugin is quick, easy and free to add. Simply open Microsoft Word, click Insert → then Click Get Add-Ins → then search for the GPTZero word plugin → Click ADD. Alternatively you can visit the Word GPTZero page for more detailed instructions and a demo.


Thanks for following us on this exciting journey! 1


Last week, we loved meeting hundreds of incredible teachers, educators, and ed-tech builders in San Diego. At the same time, Alex and I have realized the limitations of our abilities and experiences. As we grow as a team, we’re looking to work with an experienced business/sales/marketing person in ed-tech to spearhead our educational partnerships and strategy efforts. If this sounds like a job for you, please reach out at!

Edward Tian