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our new product, built for you

Core Updates:

  • we launched GPTZeroX. See the above video for a demo :)

  • we built a GPTZero API for institutions and organizations to use


Tech Updates:

  • GPTZeroX is built for educators, and uses our completely revamped models, with higher accuracies and mixed AI <> human text detection. Our team is also consistently iterating to improve our detection model — with some recent breakthroughs!

  • GPTZero now highlights portions of the text that are most likely to be AI generated, a key feature that educators in our community have been requesting.

  • GPTZero now supports larger text inputs, multiple .txt, word, and pdf file uploading, and lightning fast processing speeds.

  • We built a Python API for organizations that has been rigorously stress tested to handle high request volumes (100K+ requests / hour).

  • Yesterday night, after we migrated our new website to soft launch GPTZeroX (prior to promoting / fully launching today) we received 39.7k visitors and 2.2 million calls to GPTZero in one day! So proud of our team, Alex, Yazan, Aryan, and Izzy, who worked together and made sure there were 0 websites crashes or delays (as opposed to when GPTZero immediately crashed after going viral, when I was working on it myself)

visits to in the past 30 days, via CloudFlare


  • All in all, we’re so excited to continue building and improving GPTZero and committed to keeping the website interface free for individual teachers and educators. Please visit and try out GPTZeroX yourself, and feel free to share this news with your community!

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  • If you have a major use-case, drop us a line at to try out our API!

Edward Tian