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new year, new features, new model


Core Updates:

  • two exciting new features and a new model, GPTZeroX, are rolling out next week. See tech updates for the deets :)

  • we’re in talks with school boards and scholarships to service GPTZeroX to institutions, including potentially 300,000K+ applications for one of the world’s largest student scholarship funds. If your organization might be interested, please let us know1

Tech Updates

  • New feature: Word and PDF uploading implemented. Demo in heading. [Expected roll out this Monday]

  • New model: GPTZeroX responds to the feedback we’ve received, where the beta performs poorly with edge cases, shortened text, and AI generated writing that’s been lightly or adversarially edited afterwards. The improved model successfully services these cases, and adeptly handles text that combines both AI and human writing together.

  • New feature: highlighting areas of a text that are AI involved. If a text is completely human, we’ll tell you right away. If GPTZeroX is not sure, we’ll highlight the portions of a text that are likely AI generated instead, and transparently, provide you all the probabilities. [Expected roll out Thursday]

Are You an Educator?

Join our community of likeminded educators exploring how ChatGPT technology can be adopted responsibly in schools.

Join the Community

We’re really looking forward to hearing directly from teachers. Educators in the community group will also have first access to all our new models and features.

In the Headlines:

This week, was really excited and beyond honored to have been featured in some of the most incredible news outlets, including the BBC, SCMS, Information, WaPo, and WSJ. It’s a completely different feeling reading about GPTZero on Twitter, than on these papers of records (one of which GPTZero was trained on).

Last week, Chris from the Information, asked me what values do perplexities go up to, “0 to infinity,” I answered. “That’s big,” he replied.

Yes it is.

GPTZero may have started out small, but our plans are certainly not. Thanks for joining me on this exciting journey from 0 to infinity.



feel free to drop me a message at :)

Edward Tian